karts1.jpg (11579 bytes)

Andrew and Jason preparing for "one last race" against each other.

karts2.jpg (15075 bytes)

Gentleman, start your engines.

karts4.jpg (13693 bytes)

We always knew Andrew was capable of road rage.

karts5.jpg (14058 bytes)

And they're off!

karts3.jpg (14531 bytes)

Jason is thoroughly pissed about Andrew's "dirty driving."

niagara2.jpg (10209 bytes)

The crew prepares to put Owen in a barrel and send him over the falls.

niagara1.jpg (11362 bytes)

The guy on the right is mortified at the thought of being photographed with these teenage hooligans.

niagara4.jpg (8242 bytes)

Water water, everywhere.

niagara3.jpg (12661 bytes)

We have no idea who that chump in the middle is.

tacky2.jpg (11881 bytes)

A prime example of Tacky Town's tackyness.

tacky1.jpg (18092 bytes)

Andrew tells King Tut what he wants for Christmas.

tacky5.jpg (21936 bytes)

Jason prepares to choose a Cuban cigar, which he plans to smuggle across the border to the US and smoke with impunity.

tacky4.jpg (22115 bytes)

Purchasing the contraband.

tacky6.jpg (12772 bytes)

Lost soulds on the road to perdition. Owen (lower left) has given up all hope.

tacky7.jpg (14715 bytes)

"I've never spent $5 so fast in my life."

tacky8.jpg (12021 bytes)

Tacky Town's tackyness doesn't end in the residential districts. We think this is one of the pods from 2001.

theflag.jpg (10186 bytes)

Andrew and Jason display Canuck pride while Owen relaxes in his pod.

theshirts.jpg (10241 bytes)

Jason models the official road trip T-shirts that Andrew designed.